Durrus Irish Farmhouse Cheese is a raw milk cheese, made using traditional methods in the beautiful upland valley of Coomkeen, on the Sheep’s Head peninsula, West Cork, in the far south-west of Ireland.

Made by Jeffa Gill since 1979, Durrus Farmhouse Cheese is recognised as one of the finest of the modern artisanal Irish farmhouse cheeses. Durrus Farmhouse Cheese has won medals and awards throughout the world, and is available wherever quality cheese is sold. This deep-flavoured, natural rind-washed cheese is made from top quality local milk from two individual farms.

Visit Durrus Farmhouse Cheese to buy your cheeses at the dairy and watch cheesemaking through our viewing panel. Cheese viewing is best midweek, at around 11am but please do phone ahead to avoid disappointment.

durrus cheese


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